Abortion Law in Canada
1970 - 1979

May 1975: Petition of One Million

Alliance for Life (Canada), the first national pro-life group, initiated a collection of signatures across Canada which was completed with the help of the Coalition for Life and groups across the country. This “Petition of One Million” asking for full legal protection for the unborn was tabled in the House of Commons on May 29, 1975, following a rally on Parliament Hill. The Trudeau government ignored this petition with 1,027,425 signatures, the largest in Canadian history up to that time.

January 1977: Badgely Report on access to abortion in Canada

In 1975 the government appointed a Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law to “conduct a study to determine whether the procedure provided in the Criminal Code for obtaining therapeutic abortions was operating equitably across Canada.” In its January 1977 report, the Badgely Committee concluded that “the procedures set out for the operation of the Abortion Law are not working equitably across Canada.”

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